In today’s market, now more than ever, you need a professional and competent real estate agent. I am a member of the

National Association of Realtors®, and an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®).

My experience is unsurpassed as I am a well established full time agent that specializes in your market area.


The buying process is complex and I hold the keys to your move.  


· Buying Process – It starts with your buying power. The basic information regarding your income, your savings, and your current debts help determine this. With this information in hand, I can put you in touch with the lenders qualified to help you.

· Finding – Once you decide how much you wish to invest in a new home, I will locate the homes suitable to you. I have my resources to locate properties, as many properties are not advertised.

· Selecting - While making your selection of the properties that I have located for you,  I will assist you by making information such as local community information on utilities, zoning, and schools, among others things - available to you.

· Negotiating – Now comes the difficult part - negotiating with the seller. This can be complicated. Negotiating does not only involve the price of the home you are interested in, but also includes financing, terms, date of possession, and other factors, such as repairs and furnishings, etc.  I will advise you about the inspections available and investigations required. I can put you in touch with professional inspectors to inspect the property for termites, dry rot, faulty structure, condition of the roof, etc. An investigator will provide reports regarding the title of the property, and that it is not in disputes, etc.

· Financing – Once you decide on the home you want, I can provide help in identifying different

           lenders, and the type of financial options available to you.

· Final Settlement – This is the most important part. The closing or settlement, will be handled by an escrow company. I can guide you through the process to ensure everything moves smoothly.


It is every American’s dream to own a home. It is a big decision to make, and probably one of the largest financial investments of your life.


How much can I afford to spend on the house?


How much you should spend on the house depends on what your income from all sources is. Normally the home you have in mind should cost between 1˝ to 2˝ times your annual income. You need to have some cash for down payment. Depending upon the loan amount approved, your down payment could be anything between 3 percent to 20 percent of the value of the home under consideration. If you happen to be a veteran, or a person on active military duty, you may qualify for mortgage loans with zero down payment.


Do I have good credit?


Your past credit history will affect your ability to obtain a mortgage loan. If you have a

problem with your credit, try to improve upon your score. Get yourself a copy of your credit report from any of the three main Credit Bureaus:


Equifax- P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374   1-800-685-1111               

Experian- P.O. Box 2002  Allen, TX 75013  1-888-397-3742  

Trans Union- P.O. Box 1000  Chester, PA 19022  1-800-888-4213  


If there are errors in your credit reports, have them corrected before submitting your

application for the mortgage loan.