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In today’s market, pricing your property competitively is the key to a sure sale.

Here are 10 tips when it comes to showing your home.

These simple updates will make all the difference: including a bigger bottom line.

A Quick Checklist

· Make the front entrance inviting.

· Clear away clutter.

· Clean the house thoroughly. Including the basement and garage.

· Freshen the appearance of the rooms.

· Arrange furniture for spaciousness.

· Do all you can to reduce odors.

· Perform minor repairs if necessary.

· Replace outdated light fixtures.

· Clean the carpet.

· Call Sandy LoCascio for a FREE Market Analysis. 330.571.3471

 Potential buyers often drive by a house before they decide if they want to see the inside.


 Make sure the front door area looks nice.  Put away personal photos, knickknacks,

and anything else that will distract the buyer from the house.


 Take the time to make bathrooms and kitchen sparkle.

Clean kitchen appliances, don’t forget under the sink. Wash the windows.


 A little paint can go a long way in making your home saleable.

Repaint much used rooms in neutral colors to make them look clean & fresh.


 Remove extra unwanted furniture and arrange remaining pieces in a way

that creates a smooth traffic flow.


 People never forget smells when they walk in a door.

Try your best to remove orders caused by pets, smoking and cooking.


 Take a hard look around your home from a buyers prospective.

Oil door and window hinges, fix loose handrails etc.


 Wall sconces, recessed lighting or pendant lights are good alternatives to

that single old-fashioned overhead light fixture.


  Unless it is extremely worn, you may be able to avoid replacing carpet.

Buyers often prefer to choose their own new carpet or flooring.


       95% of buyers work with a professional REALTOR®